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Be Unlimited Yoga's Philosophy & Approach

While Be Unlimited Yoga's methods aim to inspire growth and deeper understanding of "The Self" in a student we believe in the development of programs that can get the yoga enthusiast to a state of optimal physical health in order to achieve clarity. We consistently add Workshops and Special Events that cater to these endeavors with a humble and "of Service" mentality, inviting Teachers, Guides and Specialists on the specific fields to ensure the highest level of learning experiences.

<< Sep 20 2017 - Mar 07 2018 >>

Shine Your Light with Christina Joy Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
SHINE YOUR LIGHT ~ an enlightening meditation & yoga practice to kindle the flames of devotional self-love. 
Step into your fullest expression finding the path of divinity through the self.
Intuitive healer & past-life regressionist Jennifer Chapis will guide a ceremonial energy clearing to flood your soul with light and awaken hidden passion. With the help of the goddess Radha & other loving energies, you will unleash your sacred sensuality & commit to your own heart.
After a short break, we will enjoy a relaxing & rejuvenating asana practice guided by Christina Joy. Enjoy heart-opening circular flows to awaken consciousness within the physical body & activate devotion. Experience the self as one, as we celebrate the triumph of light! 
Please bring your yoga mat & meditation pillow or blanket if you like.   
Cost $40 (non-refundable) 

Be Unlimited Yoga - 5725 Oleander Dr B10 ILM, NC 28403     

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