“Yoga on social media”


Often we see Facebook or Instagram posts displaying photographs or videos of complex asanas highlighting one's mastered ability and their specific form of self-expression...

Well, I am none to judge. I am only challenging a point of view with hopes to stimulate a thought provoking perception or to simply "paint a different picture".

Yoga helped me become a more sensitive individual and a fully aware member of society by consistently instigating a deeper questioning of everyone and everything. Hence this article was written.

Here we go...
One day, as I was sharing with fellow yogis a stunning yoga video, there so happened to be a new student right by me as well. She humbly observed and admired their hard work to achieve such strength and focus but then proceeded and made a innocent but heartfelt remark: “I could never do that” sat back down, iPhone at hand and she disappeared with the “crowd” of students leaving class…

I was left with something, a subtle shift of energy in the healer within me. A question: “Whats else could there be going on there?” Are these pics and flix becoming the objective themselves? Are we stereotyping yoga as an achievement and a goal? Is that my intention for sharing the practice? And that opened up a whole new awareness of understanding for me, with tons of new “what-ifs” and so on…

What a can of worms!!

The next part of this article aims to help redefine mindful and universal principles based practices. Meanwhile safely sharing this wonderful gift we call Yoga.

So I chose to raise a few questions, plant a few seeds and research, (of course!).

The feedback was real and eye opening… read on.

I approached a young successful entrepreneur and invited him to a free yoga session and was turned Down with a remark like: "I am not flexible enough".

After digesting the answer I asked him to describe what he thought would be like to be in a yoga room with others? The answer was short and sad: "...probably embarrassing and, I don't know, I think it's a bit intimidating. I see all these pictures out there, I can't do that stuff anyway and I don't like to sweat..."

Have you ever asked yourself if posting your yoga pic today could possibly and subconsciously intimidate someone new from ever stepping on a mat?

I know you too have heard someone say: "I could never do that" or "I will never be able to do that” and “I am not flexible enough” or so on at one point or another.

Is the "harm" one might (involuntarily) inflict on newcomers by posting such pics and or videos outweighing the potential inspiration to achieve in the ones who already follow the path? And better who needs help the most? After all helping and being of service was the reason you decided to start your practice, share your experience and teach to begin with, right?

As per my observations the ones who usually like, comment and reply to such posts with enthusiasm are at peace with their limits and that's great, so to some extent it is good to keep the lines of communications open... 

But as a person of service, that wants to help others feel better I am choosing to be more focused on the ones that don't say anything... the ones who are intimidated by it... I can't keep track of them. Unquantified and left to their own insecurities, they will close off and maybe never give yoga a try. It is what students don't express that I am curious about, rather than what they do...

Maybe this was useful to some and completely idiotic to others, regardless I hope it made them question the purity of their intentions and hopefully align them with their practice.



Saturday, November 11, 2017 4:34 pm