6 Reasons 2 continue your BeU Hot Yoga practice during the summer!

Should I practice Hot Yoga during the Summer?

As the weather warms up it can be tempting to skip your Beloved BeU Hot Yoga classes. But stepping up your practice during the summer months can actually reap amazing rewards & benefits that aren’t available in winter. Here are some of the best reasons:

  1. Acclimate. Be Unlimited Yoga, practiced in 104 °F heat and 50% humidity, can help you acclimate to the season’s warmth by “teaching” your body to cool itself more efficiently through sweat. It also arms you with coping tools (focus, concentration and deep breathing) to help you better manage summertime temperatures.
  2. Hydrate. Be Unlimited Yoga encourages you to stay well hydrated by keeping you on top of your water intake, replenishing your electrolytes regularly. During the summer months this can aid outside the Shala as well.
  3. Diet. When you regularly practice you are attracted to a lighter and healthier diet. Some yoga poses are designed to give the intestines an internal massage in order to strengthen them and allow them to release their contents more efficiently. This can help during the summer relieving you from that “full & heavy" feeling.
  4. Energize. The summer heat can make you feel stifled and sluggish, almost lethargic. Be Unlimited Yoga is a great way to Energize & Detoxify by increasing your oxygen intake, balancing the various psycho-somatic systems of the body, sweating and burning a great plethora of calories, all in a 75 minutes class, giving the rest of your day a boost.
  5. Meditate. What better way to spend time focusing on what makes you feel good, healthy and wellbeing aspects of life? Allowing plenty of “me” moments with daily Be Unlimited Yoga sessions will help you deal with the stressful “everything else” factors of life. By focusing solely on U, (in a meditative way) you will benefit from the strengths and virtues only a clear mind possesses, always.
  6. Prevent. Planning on swimming, hiking, sailing, biking, jogging, beach volleyball-ing and doing any number of other fun summertime sports? Be Unlimited Yoga will enhance your athletic abilities. Really enjoy all the fun and drastically reduce all the insidious muscle-skeletal and joint injuries such activities may bring forth.